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LIFE FIT This program is designed with the "over 55" population in mind. The MOVE class is cardio based and includes some light toning, balance, coordination and lots of fun. Its a light to moderate intensity class depending on what level you choose to work at. The STRONG class is more focused on strength and balance for the aging adult. We use different tools in each class depending on what the focus is. We alternate our day two between STRONG and FOCUSED FLEXIBILITY which is a stretch, mobility and restorative gentle movement practice. This is a balanced fitness program and great for adding vitality to daily life as we age. This program is offered in studio and ONLINE.

TKO BOX BOOTCAMP- This is a High Intensity program with a boxing focus. Using heavy bags & Pads, we work on athletic boxing combos and full body athletic bootcamp cardio drills for a powerful, total body workout! You can increase your intensity in class with slight modifications to really push your limits, or you can even choose to go a bit lighter if necessary, but this is still a high intensity class :)  This program is offered in studio only.

MUSCLE PLUS- This is a progressive strength building workout for both men and women. Full body, functional movements designed to build muscle, strengthen and tone the body for every day life. Weights and other equipment are used to design a challenging workout for many levels. This program is a foundational program for any other type of fitness you do. Prevent injury, strengthen body and mind, correct musculature imbalances and more with this program. 2 Days per week, program days compliment each other. This program is offered in studio and ONLINE.

YIN YOGA REBOOT & FOAM ROLLING- This restorative class focuses on releasing tension in the body using foam rolling techniques, stretching and gentle movements. Our goal is to keep the body healthy, balanced and moving with ease. With the amount of movement our bodies do on a daily basis, we should all be stretching for 30 minutes a day!! But, we usually don't take the time to do that and our bodies get tighter and tighter as we go through life. This class is a way to bring balance back into the muscles, stretch out the weeks work, prevent injuries, gain mobility and quiet our headspace for a few minutes to ground, clear and refocus on the important things in life. This is the most "delicious" class! You will feel calm and rejuvenated when you leave! Gentle movements, lengthening and calming. This program is offered in studio and ONLINE.

MEG-a-STEP REMIX- This remix on your traditional step aerobic class will have your heart pumping' and your muscles maxed while jamming to hip hop, pop, rock and reggae tunes. Cardio, Strength, Power and Core for a full body workout! Moderate to High Intensity. This program is offered in studio and Outdoors in the summer.

TRX SUSPENSION TRAINING- Focused strength moves & Powerful cardio combined using the TRX suspension straps, our boy and gravity for a full body workout.  Moderate to high intensity. This program is offered in studio only.

SPIN INDOOR CYCLING- Stationary cycling indoors with great music, fun drills and personal challenges for a cardio workout suitable for your own needs. Ride in or out of the saddle, add resistance or don't, challenge speed or take it slow... this is your ride! This program is offered in studio only.

BARRE BUZZ-  This quick paced toning class uses body weight, pilates balls, weighted body bars, light dumbbells and wooden dowel bars to stimulate the whole body with high rep, controlled movements for strength, posture, balance, core stability and more.

MEGHAN COX- 705 455 7270

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