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1- Gentle, Easy, Restorative- no sweat

2- Low Impact (no jumping), Easy to follow, heart rate will elevate but you'll be able to carry on a conversation, light sweat

3- Moderate Intensity- Heart rate will elevate and you will be able to speak but with intentional breaths, good sweat

4- Multi levels available- moderate to high Intensity depending what you choose for your level, movement/intensity options given, heart rate will increase, respiration will be increased and be focused,  good sweat

5- High Intensity/High Impact- usually includes jumping or intervals of high intensity to challenge heart rate, respiration & endurance

(3/4) *REPT  6:30am (TUESDAY & THURSDAY)

2 days per week for 45 minutes. REPS & SETS strength conditioning that keeps the body adapting to the demands of the program. (max 10)  Registration Required

(2/3) *L.I.F.E. FIT: Tuesday & Thursday 9:00am Low Impact Fun Exercise program for every day life activities. Variety of fitness fun for improving cardiovascular health, muscular strength, balance, coordination, posture and mobility. Registration Required (Max 10)  

(4/5) *SPIN Indoor Cycling- Cycling cardio, muscular endurance & strength designed by motivating instructors with amazing playlists to keep you engaged and having fun while logging kilometers, sprinting, jumping, climbing hills and challenging your ride, in safe and controlled conditions. (Max 8 Participants) MONDAY 6:00pm  

FRIDAY 12pm (Spin & Stretch)

(4/5) *CIRCUIT - This circuit style, full body, resistance class will have your heart rate elevated while building strong muscles and functional movement patterns. You will repeat exercises in sets to stimulate and load the muscle for strength gaining and muscle defining results. (max 10) WEDNESDAYS 5:30pm  

(1) ROLL & RELEASE RECOVERY  Thursdays at 5:30pm 

This rejuvenating recovery class will improve your movement, posture and mobility while reducing pain and improving recovery from sports, workouts or just real life activities. All levels welcome!  (Max 12)

(3/4) TOTALLY TONED- Full body toning class that uses body weight, dumbbells, kettle bells, bands, balls and a few HIIT intervals to create a fun, efficient and effective workout session. All levels welcome! TUESDAYS 5:30pm (max 10) 

(3+) BUILDING BONES- Tuesday & Thursday 10:00am (2 day program) This medical fitness program is for clients looking to maintain strong bones, joints & muscles & prevent the decline or maintain bone density in relation to osteoporosis. We will be stimulating bone stress and muscle growth with exercises and stretching while improving posture, flexibility and mobility to support healthy aging. If you have been diagnosed with Osteoporosis please contact Meghan for a consult to see if this program is right for you. 705.455.7270 (max 10) 


Instructed by Aqua Trained Coach, Meghan, at a private therapy pool in the county. Please 

Contact Audrey Collins directly to register for any of the AQUATIC programs.


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