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What is Empowered Mindset Coaching?

Empowered Mindset Coaching is private one-on-one coaching sessions that are personal and powerful.

We work within the 6 neurological levels of ones self to learn about what makes us tick and what holds us back. We address any limitations and learn how to harness the power of the unconscious mind to clear those road blocks so we can take on any challenge and overcome the things that have been holding us back so we can create and live the life we desire and accomplish any goal we set out for ourselves.

This coaching will trickle into every aspect of your life. Health, Fitness, Career, Family, Love & Relationships, Finances, Personal Growth etc. Life balance is never just about one thing... there are multiple areas on the balance wheel of life and this coaching program can help you to address and harmonize the big picture.

EMC appointments are usually 45minute to 1 hour in length and offered in studio or online. The initial coaching agreement is a 8-10 hour commitment for the client and the coach as that will allow us to set the foundation, address the clients concerns, and work through the exercises involved in creating the new mindset for positive success.

Investing in your Body, Mind & Spirit to create balance and optimal wellness will always return to you the greatest rewards!

Contact Meghan Cox today to book your Empowered Mindset Coaching  Appointment

705 455 7270



I am beyond grateful for Meghan Cox and being part of her Wellness Coaching program. After just 3 sessions together I feel I am on my path and moving in the right direction. I am so excited to reach my goals and needed this more than anything. Her support and guidance is amazing. I feel empowered and on the path to becoming the woman I want to be. Thanks for helping me shine!


I am making progress with my healing and change- and I could not be doing it without the love and encouragement from Meg! Seriously, who knew all I needed was some coaching/counselling to help me reach my goals. Reach out to Meg- I know she will be happy and welcome you on board.


I started with Lifestyle Coaching at the beginning of 2016. Currently, I have lost almost 40" overall, a new lease on life and a healthier way to eat and live. Thank you Meghan....


I can't say enough about Meghan's coaching program. I started the program in April and I've lost 28 lbs! I'm down 4 pant sizes! I feel great! Nap way less! And now enjoy bathing suit shopping! It's a new and much better way to live! It is possible!


I started Meghan's program in September of this year in the hopes of helping with some ongoing health issues and to make me feel better. It has helped and I have lost 13lbs and 10" overall as an added bonus. Thanks to her coaching and motivation I can continue with this healthy lifestyle and feel better each day....Thank you Meghan for all you do!!!


I started Meg's Healthy Lifestyle Coaching in January of 2016 because I needed to change my unhealthy lifestyle of fad diets and over eating. Over the past year I have learned it takes work and dedication to eat healthy....but the benefits of feeling and looking good make it so worth it. Meg was with me every step of this journey, only a text or call away. I am pleased to say that I have lost 47 pounds and 42.75 inches and I am so thankful I decided to join Meg's Lifestyle Coaching when I did.

Thanks for everything!!!!!

**Please note that Meghan is not a dietitian or nutritionist. The information given to clients is based on personal experience and working with past clients. Clients are required to sign liability waivers and contracts prior to beginning this coaching program.

Results are not guaranteed. The client is required to do the work involved and Meghan is giving direction and coaching to achieve their desired results. This is a healthy living program and does not include products or supplements. The focus is on real foods available at your local grocery stores and health food stores.  

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