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Personal Training and Small Group Training

Personal Training Program

Personal Training is a relationship between a client and trainer that specifically meets the demands of the client and their goals for sport, lifestyle and health. It involves an initial consultation with the client and trainer to set goals, assess the clients basic movement patterns and flexibility and determine the programs set up, duration and frequency of workouts.A personal training session should target the clients goals and be specific to their needs as an individual. It should challenge the client and continue to challenge the client as they adapt to their new strengths. Depending on the adaptations of the individual, the program should be reassessed every 3-4 weeks.

During training, the trainer demonstrates the exercise, oversees the activity, spots the client during movement and makes corrections or recommendations based on the clients ability to perform the task with efficiency and good form.

Personal Training helps clients achieve specific goals and learn exercise technique and proper form. I recommend using a trainer if you are just starting out at the gym or you are looking to join a class but feel that "you dont know what you are doing" or for anyone looking to be motivated and challenged through their workouts.

Personal Training Programs can consist of Strength Training exercises, Plyometric Training, Sport Specific Training Drills, Cardio Conditioning, Speed, Power, Agility and Footwork Training, Flexibility Training, or a combination of any or all of the above training methods depending on your goals.

Training is available at the Minden Location

Please Contact Just MOVEMENT Fitness for more information regarding personal training programs and prices or to set up a consultation.

(705) 455 7270 or justmovementfitness@hotmail.com



Small Group Training is a private training session for you and a group of up to 5 of your friends.

The program would be geared toward your group and your specific needs/goals.

Training would take place at either one of our 2 locations- Minden or Haliburton- or at your private residence if space and equipment are available.

Price is based on number of participants, location and program design. Please contact Meghan for more information and for price.

Private Sessions Available

Athletic Cardio Training/Bootcamp including sport drills, plyometrics, speed, agility, power and more.

Strength Training (in studio only) including Muscle Building, Muscle Toning and Core

Flexibility Training stretch and lengthen with assisted stretch

Zumba Fitness Dance to burn calories and tone your body with your close friends~ must be able to laugh and have fun

POUND Rockout Workout 

Pilates and Core Training


Boxing and Cardio Kickboxing even number of participants required for focus pad work (2, 4 or 6 people). Amazing stress relieving work out!

Any combination of the above programs




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